Berlin Calling: a picture contest by m2Square

13/7/2012 Nessun Commento

Berlin Calling is a contest promoted by m2Square, real estate based in Berlin.
Starting from the observation that major European cities are still communicated with the traditional type of tourism promotional materials, such as guides or catalogs, Berlin Calling is offered as an alternative.

The contest proposes to discover the most authentic tract of urban realities described by a series of photos taken with Instagram, the popular photo-editing software now in use on Apple and Android devices.

The objective is to document the best possible things that sum up this extraordinary character of the city. Each participant will then send shot on a particular aspect of his city or another choice in Europe.

The two selected pictures will win a week end in Berlin.

DOWNLOAD THE GUIDELINE, italian, english, spanish, russian

DOWNLOAD THE application and send it to

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