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WH manages the entire investment process and, with the help of its subsidiaries, develops, builds and manages nursing homes.
Its primary entrepreneurial objective is to open up investment in nursing homes to private individuals.

With 6300 customers and 8500 residential units sold for a rental turnover of 62.9 million Euros per year, this company is one of the leaders in the sector.

In order to eliminate the difficulties of investors in the management of their property, WH, through one of its subsidiaries, takes over the administration, management, collection and payment to the owners of the rents, creates a provision (about 2.50€/m2 per year).

So little? Yes. The owner is responsible for any costs incurred on the load-bearing structure. ALL ordinary maintenance is instead completely at the Operator’s charge.

The separation of responsibilities between the various subsidiaries of WH serves to ensure complete transparency and to avoid any conflicts of interest.
The Administration of the real estate can in fact, if necessary, oppose the SELLER in favour of the buyers in case of structural defects.
The Administration also has a role in monitoring the operations of the Manager.
Every year, in fact, it draws up a report on these, which is delivered to the owners.

The degree of efficiency of the Administration is soon to be said:
Since 2001, there has not been a single case of nonrented rent.

The money of the condominium community is kept and managed in total safety, the increases in rent regularly imposed (usually linked to the index of consumer goods), the operating costs deducted.

Difficult bureaucratic procedures such as adjustments relating to heating or control of rental income are completely taken over by the Administration and this therefore relieves the owner of any task.
If you want to sell your apartment again, the Administration itself will take care of it without any difficulty. Just think that there are, for some objects, real waiting lists.

In short, investing in your future or in the future of your loved ones today is safe, clear and comfortable.

  • 10 Good reasons for investing in Nursing Homes

    1. Newly built high quality buildings with the highest quality standards comparable to hotels.
    2. The choice of the place where the structures were to be built was made following a demographic survey of the local population and its needs.
    3. The rents are guaranteed for 20 years with a lease with certified and renowned operators. The rent is perceived even if the apartment remains vacant.
    4. The choice of the operator shall be made on the basis of quality and solvency criteria. Only operators who have an agreement with the German State will be taken into consideration.
    5. The costs of building maintenance are almost entirely borne by the operator.
    6. No relationship with tenants. The search for new tenants is the responsibility of the manager.
    7. The condominium administration has staff speaking English.
    8. Full ownership of the apartments with registration in the Land Registry (no shares in funds or companies). The property can therefore be inherited, sold or donated.
    9. The rent is adjusted to the increase in inflation (within certain parameters) and does not depend on the average for the area.
    10. Agency commission payable by the seller.
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