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New trend: Tiny Houses

Posted by Angelo Arboscello on 11. November 2018
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Neuer Trend: Tiny Houses

People are still moving unchecked into the cities. Living space is still becoming scarcer. And real estate prices are still rising. Clever minds like architects are pondering how to get a handle on the current situation. They have developed Tiny Houses – small houses. They are flexible, they save space and prices fall enormously.

“What goes on 100 square meters also goes on 20 square meters” – at least most of those who have bought a Tiny House say to themselves. And that is becoming more and more the case. Because Tiny Houses are trendy. In the USA there is even a whole movement. Since real estate prices are high and living space in cities is becoming increasingly scarce, people are looking for affordable housing alternatives. In addition, more and more people are living alone. In Germany, according to the last census, it was almost every second person. The trend is rising.

Neuer Trend: Tiny Houses

Go Tiny on the road

So it is not surprising that more and more people are interested in a Tiny House. And what you need to live is there: kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom. Even an extra sleeping level, a roof terrace or a veranda are possible. Every square centimetre is well thought out and used as efficiently as possible. The price per square metre is not much lower than that of an ordinary property, depending on the equipment. However, a Tiny House with 20 square meters is available for about 40,000 euros. The total price makes a difference. The operating costs are also extremely low. Tiny Houses are real energy savers due to the limited living space. Residents can also live almost self-sufficiently if the Tiny House, for example, is equipped with photovoltaic and rainwater collection systems as well as organic toilets.

Neuer Trend: Tiny Houses

Tiny House

A Tiny House is also suitable as a capital investment. For example, it can be used as a holiday home. Due to the low price, the Tiny House is paid off more quickly and thus earns a profit earlier. Another advantage is that Tiny Houses can also be mobile. Because like a caravan they can be placed on a trailer. This not only benefits holidaymakers but also commuters. Owners can take part of their home with them to work. Tiny Houses can be a replacement for the second home or the hotel. They can also be used as an office.


Tiny House Rheinau

Saving money on construction, maintenance and resources means personal freedom for most Tiny House owners. Tiny Houses promise an independent and sustainable life. Not least because the financial burden for their own four walls remains low. That’s why more and more people are willing to do without the unnecessary and lead a minimalist life.

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