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So that the fireworks don’t become a fire

Posted by Angelo Arboscello on 22. December 2018
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Damit das Feuerwerk nicht zum Feuer wird


A sea of candles and New Year’s rockets: Without the many lights, the holidays would only be half as beautiful. But open fire is always a danger. The number of fire brigade missions at the end of the year increases by more than a third. We reveal how you can enjoy candlelight and fireworks without the risk of fire.

Safe at Christmas

The risk of open fire cannot be completely contained. Therefore it is important to always keep an eye on candles and the Advent wreath. Especially when children and animals are at home, the Advent wreath should never be left unattended. In order to reduce the risk of fire, it also helps to use fresh fir branches and to place all candles on a non-combustible surface. It is much safer for the Christmas tree to use LED candles. Here it is also important that the artificial lights are intact and bear the VDE seal of approval. If you don’t want to do without real candlelight, you should make sure that the building is fixed. If something should happen, it is important to act quickly. A fire blanket and water should be easily accessible. For this it is important to set up the fir tree in such a way that it does not block any important paths.

Safe on New Year’s Eve

The most important principle first: No bangers or rockets in your own four walls ignite. If you have children, it is advisable to store the New Year’s Eve firecrackers safely so that the little ones don’t get stupid thoughts. The same applies to people who drank a few glasses too much at the New Year’s celebration. Those who intend to handle fireworks should be careful not to drink over their thirst.

The risk of fire with sparklers and table fireworks is very low. If you want to be on the safe side, do not ignite them near flammable materials.

If you are going to have fireworks in the garden, keep as far away from the house as possible and release your rockets so that you do not hit buildings, trees or cars. It is best to keep doors and windows closed and place balcony and garden furniture in the house. Because no matter how careful you are, the rockets and firecrackers of your neighbours can get lost on your property. If you leave your home over the turn of the year it is therefore sensible to pay attention to security.

When buying your fireworks, make sure that they have been approved by the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing. You can recognize this by the approval mark “BAM-P I” or “BAM-P II”.

We hope that you will make a safe start to the new year with our tips. Even better than with fire protection, by the way, do we know our way around real estate? If you plan to buy or sell a house in the new year, we are there for you.

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