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Smart heating – more comfort for less money

Posted by Angelo Arboscello on 4. December 2018
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Smart Heizen – Mehr Komfort für weniger Geld

Who doesn’t know it? First it is too cold. Then you turn the thermostat on the radiator, and after a few minutes you sweat and turn it down again. But soon it will be too cold again. Different rooms in a home need different room temperatures. These temperatures also differ depending on whether someone is at home or not and how many people are in the room. Smart heating technology ensures the optimum temperature and also helps to save money.

A smart heating system takes care of adjusting the radiators for us. If the residents are at home, it determines the optimum temperature. If everyone is away from home, it throttles the heat. Smart heating increases living comfort and saves resources at the same time. Smart radiator thermostats already pay off in a rented apartment. The installation of a smart heating control pays off even more.

The changeover from manual to automatic operation is not so difficult. The classic thermostats for radiators can easily be replaced with intelligent thermostats. Only the valves are changed. Anyone can do this themselves. Unscrew the old ones, screw on the new ones – that’s it. With the smart thermostats, you set the desired temperature and the units regulate the heat output themselves. Heating costs can already be reduced in this way. This is also practical in a rented apartment. The old thermostats can be reinstalled when you move out.

A smart heating control system for a house offers even greater savings potential. Experts recommend taking advantage of these opportunities when building a new house or modernising an existing one. What the installation of smart home technology costs more, it recovers from the heating costs. Energy costs can be reduced by up to 20 percent. Operation is also made easier, for example via a touchscreen directly on the heating system or via a smartphone app.

Smart heating systems can also be programmed. At certain times, the temperature can be lowered, for example when the residents are at work. On the other hand, it can raise the temperature again shortly before the planned return. The best way to solve this problem is to program each thermostat individually. Of course, this is quite costly – but ideal for price-conscious people. More expensive, but more comfortable, are centrally controlled heaters.

The savings potential can also be expanded. The heating can, for example, be coupled with roller shutters. These can then be closed at a certain time to prevent cooling.

But it is still important to pay attention to safety. If the heating system is connected to the Internet or telephone network, strong encryption and secure passwords are essential.

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