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Why you can’t do without excellent floor plans

Posted by Angelo Arboscello on 4. November 2018
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The floor plan is a matter of course in real estate marketing. The effect of an excellent floor plan is often underestimated. Because there are differences. Today, you can’t get very far with the architect’s drawing.

When looking for real estate, one usually looks first at the photos. But immediately afterwards, the interested party looks at the floor plan. Because he wants to know the dimensions, the scale and the section of the rooms that he has just seen in the photos. Do I only get to the bathroom through the bedroom as it appeared in the photo? Is the study really that big? Sometimes it is already planned in the mind where the sofa should be in the living room or the bed in the bedroom. The real estate seeker would like to know whether the selected wall is wide enough. This information can only be found in the floor plan.

Professional brokers no longer rely on black-and-white floor plans drawn by architects. Because they know that the imagination of the searcher must be addressed as much as possible in order to market successfully and achieve the best price. That’s why today’s floor plans are no longer only available in 2D, but increasingly also in 3D.

Real estate professionals have experienced that today emotions become more and more important to convince prospective buyers. 3D products and visualizations serve these needs. A 3D model, a visualization, a video animation or a virtual tour make it even easier for the prospective customer to imagine the apartment. A virtual tour also helps to separate real interested parties from each other. Because anyone who has already walked through the virtual apartment and doesn’t like it is eliminated before the viewing date. This saves owners time and effort.

With Virtual Reality, a real estate seeker can even furnish his apartment. Experts emphasize that the prospective buyer already builds up a closer bond to the property. This is how an idea emerges of what life in the new center of life could look like. This closer bond helps potential buyers to decide on a property more quickly. This can shorten the marketing time.

In the past, sellers relied on the imagination of potential buyers for their floor plans. The superfluous information of the building plan for the prospective buyer was removed. This made it readable and understandable for the layman in the first place. However, he had to imagine what the object actually looked like.

Nevertheless the ratio did not decrease beside the emotions. Both are equally decisive for real estate seekers. This is why the 2D floor plan in the exposé is still not out of fashion. The clear representation of the dimensions is still important. However, a 3D model or visualization is a decision-making aid.

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