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Enjoying the elderly in paradise

Posted by Angelo Arboscello on 19. July 2018
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Sunshine and a mild climate all year round? Spend the days on your own porch with a cocktail? Golfing in the afternoon? That’s the way to enjoy a well-earned retirement. That’s why more and more pensioners are thinking: the main thing is to get away! But there are also traps lurking.

German seniors are living longer and longer and have never been as healthy as they are today. When the children are out of the house and working life is behind them, many seniors enjoy their new freedom. They are increasingly flexible and mobile. They spend their free time actively. They travel to exotic places or undertake tours with cruise ships. More and more older people are even moving their retirement home abroad.

Many dream of summer, sun, beach and sea. However, the warmest countries are not necessarily the most suitable. What good is a view of the sea if the nearest hospital is miles away or the doctor speaks neither German nor English? Or if you dream of Miami, for example – popular with many seniors because of the pleasant climate – you need to know that the cost of living in the USA is higher than in Germany.

Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Spain are among the most suitable countries for pensioners. In these countries the cost of living is low and medical care very good. So it doesn’t always have to be sun and beach.

In addition, it is also advisable to pay attention to a few other things when the retirement home is moved abroad. Emigrants can find out whether their chosen country really suits them by asking themselves the following questions, for example:

Do I know the mentality of the country?
Is the climate something for me?
How well do I cope with the distance to my home country?
Do I tolerate the typical national dishes?

An Hamburg citizen could find a positive answer to these questions difficult if he only imagines living in the Bavarian province. Experts therefore advise: If you want to emigrate, you should at least have been on holiday in this country before.

A move abroad must therefore be well planned. In order to benefit optimally from the move, it is also important to hold consultations on pensions, taxes and insurance.

But if you are well prepared and choose your target country wisely, you can spend a relaxed evening of life with more purchasing power than in Germany.

Are you thinking about spending your retirement abroad and have questions about what will become of your property? Please contact us! We will be happy to advise you.

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