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Organisation and time is everything


If you want to sell your property by yourself, you have to be well organised. Many small things have to be thought of and enough time has to be planned. How long does it take to sell a property? What documents do I need? How much communication with interested parties will I have? Do I still have time after work or do I want to sacrifice my spare time at the weekend? Make sure that you really want to take it upon yourself.

If you want to sell your house or apartment, you need a plan. Insufficient preparation can cost a lot of money. The question arises as to whether the workload can be managed at all without a professional. To give you an overview of the work involved, we have compiled a few aspects for you from experienced professionals.

1. Market analysis and property valuation

To get the most out of selling your property, you need to know how much your property is worth and at what price it can be sold. To do this, you need to know the market price in your region. It is difficult to find out without experience, because when you compare properties in your region with yours, you only ever see the offer prices and not the prices that are ultimately achieved. Depending on the property, there are different methods for calculating the value: the comparison method, the capitalised earnings method and the real value method. The following factors play a role in determining the value:

  • Condition of the property
  • Property age
  • Size of property and/or land
  • Indicative land values
  • Building value

2. Prepare the property

A property that makes a good impression can achieve a higher selling price than a property that looks spoiled. So take a critical look at them. Should something be renewed or repaired? For example, should walls be painted? Small repairs increase the property’s value. Remove personal belongings and stage open, bright rooms. Home staging can help you sell your home faster and get a higher price. Ask professional brokers how to do this and what to do.

You should not hide any shortcomings. Should these be discovered, this can lead to the buyer’s withdrawal from the purchase contract.

3. Get documents

For the sale of a house sellers need of course several documents. Missing documents could make prospective buyers sceptical and deter them. The most important documents include:

  • land certificate
  • field map
  • layouts
  • living space calculation
  • blueprints
  • energy pass
  • land tax assessment
  • Excerpt from the register of building sites and contaminated sites
  • Certification of development costs
  • Operating costs list of recent years

4. Marketing of the property

Once you have all the documents together and know the price at which your property can be sold, you can market your property. Since nowadays most people are looking for real estate online, placements on several online portals are recommended. But even the newspapers have not yet had their day. Here a headline can be worth reading. A sales sign in the front garden also serves its purpose.

The exposé is central to marketing. If this makes a good impression, it can also be reflected in the sales price. Good photos of your property are important for this, but also a detailed description.

5. Organize a visit

As soon as you have started your marketing, prospective buyers will contact you. With the current high demand for real estate, your phone and email inbox will probably not stand still. In order not to miss any interested parties, you should always be available. You must then select suitable prospective customers for the inspection from all reports. Because sightseeing tourism costs unnecessarily much time and nerves. Then you have to find appointments with the real interested parties. The best way to do this is to make an appointment from the outset. During the tour, interested parties will ask questions for which you should be prepared.

6. Sales negotiation

Good preparation for the sales negotiations is also worthwhile. It is advisable to set a minimum selling price and a negotiating margin. You should have the appropriate arguments ready for possible points of criticism.


Are you unsure whether you should sell your property by yourself? We do it for you!


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