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That’s what a broker really does

Posted by Angelo Arboscello on 13. October 2018
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Das leistet ein Makler wirklich

The most expensive key service in the world – this is the image that many real estate sellers and buyers have of real estate agents. Many owners only realize that there is much more to selling real estate when they realize in the sales process that they have put too much effort into it.

The sales process begins with the compilation of all important documents for the sale and the preparation of a meaningful exposé. Often sellers still lack important documents such as an energy certificate, a floor plan and good real estate photos, or they are faced with the question of where to obtain a land register extract or a land register map. A good broker will see to it that all these documents are created or requested.

The broker is also a great help when it comes to pricing. This requires a very good knowledge of the market. How much a property is worth depends on many different factors, which is why it is difficult to determine a suitable price just by comparing it with the neighboring house. Expert estate agents take a close look at the house and its immediate surroundings before making a value assessment.

Once the price has been reached and all the important documents have been gathered, the broker takes care of a suitable marketing strategy. Professional brokers know their field of application very well and know where to advertise an offer in order to address the appropriate target group. A good broker also takes care of the communication with the interested parties, arranges appointments and carries out the visits independently, if desired by the seller.

As you can see, before the first inspection even takes place, the majority of the tasks have already been completed. And the broker’s work does not end with the last inspection. He is also a great help to owners in price negotiations, after all he is used to dealing with objections and mediating between the various interests.

In addition, the real estate agent checks the creditworthiness of the prospective buyers and thus does everything to ensure that the seller does not sell his property to someone who overestimates his financial possibilities. The real estate agent is also a support when drawing up the contract; after all, he knows which key data must be included here in any case.

But the broker is not only there for the seller. Buyers can also turn to a broker who shows them offers that match their criteria before they are marketed elsewhere. He is also an expert contact who can answer questions about the property and the contract better than the owner himself.

But of course, as in almost every professional group, there are also black sheep among estate agents. Because the term real estate agent is not legally protected. So before you decide on a real estate agent, it makes sense to check which training qualifies him and which references he has to show.

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